From the ocean for the ocean. The inspiration behind Baleia came from our first trip to the Azores

Located on the grounds of The Solar Branco Eco Estate. Visit the world’s largest private collection of gin,

Protecting The Whales of The Azores A donation is made to The Ocean Azores Foundation with every bottle sold



Named after the Portuguese word for whale, Baleia is distilled overlooking the never-ending Atlantic Ocean on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. Every bottle sold helps to support whale conservation projects in the Azores. Our aim is to highlight the international importance of the archipelago to our understanding, preservation and conservation of these majestic creatures of the deep blue ocean.

Baleia Gin Azores


Every Baleia bottle sold to bars in the Azores donates €2 to The Ocean Azores Foundation as part of the 1 Azores program. We match this with an additional €2 donation. The Ocean Azores Foundation will look to fund ocean based research and conservation projects based on all islands of the Azores. The aims are to give back to the community and environment we call home.



Baleia is proudly sources our botanicals and distills the gin on the island of Sao Miguel, part of the Azores in our mission of sustainability. Our limited edition gin, features a Humpback Whale tail and is only sold to selected establishments helping aid the recovery in tourism as well as donating €1 to The Ocean Azores Foundation.

A panoramic aerial view of Sao Miguel island in the Azores, Portugal


We serve Baleia with a garnish of dehydrated Yuzu lemon and a sprig of lemon thyme. Both are grown here in the Azores, where the yuzu’s are exclusively grown for Baleia Gin by just 1 farmer on the island. Yuzu is not a typical lemon, in fact it is not a lemon at all. It is instead a completely separate citrus fruit. It is thought to have originated in China, but the fruit is most closely identified with Japan, where it is one of the nation’s essential aromas and flavours.



From The Ocean. For The Ocean.


Named after the Portuguese word for whale, Baleia is distilled overlooking the never-ending Atlantic Ocean on the island of São Miguel. Every bottle sold supports marine conservation projects in the region through a donation to The Ocean Azores Foundation.

Blending traditional botanicals such as juniper, citrus and rosemary with seaweed sustainably sourced from the waters around the island. The gin has an exceptionally smooth flavour, mixing a touch of sweetness with the salt of the ocean.

Ali Bullock, owner of the world-renowned Gin Library bar, located at The Solar Branco Eco Estate, conceptualised and created Baleia Gin in partnership with producer Lima & Quental. Artwork drawn by local artist Catarina Limão.